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Finding the right therapist for you

‘It’s something that only me and my therapist know’

It should go without saying that you have to be able to trust your therapist – the commonest words in our rooms are ‘I have never told this to anyone before’. Trust starts with an assurance with more than a promise that we are highly trained, that our conversations are treated with confidentiality, that we have the highest ethical standards. We are all members of one or more of the professional bodies that govern our profession and abide by their ethical codes.

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How to choose your therapist

Therapy works best when you find the right therapist for you, but how do you decide who is going to be the right match? You have possibly already trawled through long directories where every therapist offers expertise in pretty much every possible cause for you seeking help. ‘Depression’, ‘anxiety’ or ‘relationship difficulties’ are the commonest labels that people use to describe their unhappiness and any trained counsellor and psychotherapist will have experience in helping people with these difficult feelings. All of us at Westminster Therapy Associates have extensive experience in the sadness caused by bereavement and loss, the anxiety that comes from low self-esteem or combination of the two that follows the feelings of loneliness or lack of meaning that can follow the breakup of a relationship – and many of us have specific areas of expertise.

We suggest that firstly you look at the profiles of all our therapists and see if one of them appeals to you. It is fine to be led by their photo or what they have chosen to say about themselves, first impressions are important in all relationships.

If it seems a bit like potluck, we can offer some free advice on how to choose the best therapist for you. All you need to do, is email and say if you would prefer to speak to a male or a female – or either. Let us know your phone number and the best time for us to call you and one of us will be in touch to help you make the decision.

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Andy Cottom. UKCP - CPJA

Andy Cottom

Tyrone Osbourne. Fpc, Ukcp, Bacp

Tyrone Osbourne


Rowena Bell

Priya Ponnappa. BA (London); PG DIP PSYCH. WPF; FPC

Priya Ponnappa

Vanessa Cole. Ma, Pg Dip., Mbacp

Vanessa Cole

Neetu Rastogi

Neetu Rastogi

Gershon Portnoi

Gershon Portnoi

Antoine Gordon

Antoine Gordon

Bev Reid

Bev Reid

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