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Bev Reid Ba (Hons), Pg Dip, Bacp, Bpc Ukcp

Bev Reid

Bev Reid BA (Hons), PG DIP, BACP, BPC UKCP

Psychodynamic Psychotherapist

I am a qualified psychodynamic psychotherapist with a wealth of experience working with people who need help and understanding to navigate issues such as anxiety, depression, burn out, addiction, bereavement and relationship problems.

I offer a safe and confidential space, where together we can begin to think about and make sense of difficult feelings and thoughts which are stopping you moving forward.

I work in-person, on the phone or online and offer either once weekly, open ended psychotherapy or time-limited brief therapy consisting of twelve sessions (50 minutes in duration).

Quite often our sense of identity can be very much aligned and entwined with a career, a parental or caring role, an intimate relationship, sexuality, gender and/or a physical sense of one's body and self. And yet identity is forever in flux; it is a dynamic, complex and layered experience which is lived every second of every day. However, when a sense of known identity is lost, challenged, forced to change, wanted to be given up, it can be hard to navigate and understand what may be emerging. It can be a fraught process and I welcome exploring and thinking about this with you.

You can find out more about me and I can be contacted via phone: 07783 418356 or email.

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